Miracle Makeup Applicators
No More Streaks!

Miracle Makeup Applicators No More Streaks!

My new invention. It will revolutionize the makeup industry. It is really an amazing product! It's called "NO MORE STREAKS" By me Tiffany Cosmetics Inc. Its an awesome discovery in the cosmetic world. It changed my life, it will change yours. If you are an acne sufferer like I am, No More Streaks will change that! It's the Miracle Makeup Applicator that will turn any skin into a pure silk finish! No matter what type of skin problems you are suffering from!Before and after pictures using our Miracle makeup applicator
"NO MORE STREAKS" By Tiffany Inc. Especially made for hard to deal with skin problems, such as Acne, scarring, blemishes, discolorations, blotches and more!

Solves all makeup streaking problems, with my magic wand and kit!
 Women often complain of their facial makeup streaking and never getting an even, blended look. Now I have created a method that works. This roller sponge and tray used together in conjunction with each other, will eliminate streaking while applying makeup/cosmetics/powders/ and creams to your face.

  Our makeup sponge roller was specially created to eliminate excess makeup on the sponge to give your face a perfectly even, streak free appearance. A revolutionary invention!

Miracle Makeup Applicators

 This uniquely designed makeup sponge roller was specially created to eliminate excess makeup on the sponge, to give your face a perfectly even, streak free appearance. The Miracle Makeup Applicator conceals all scarring, conceals acne, blemishes, blotches, acne scars, skin mottling, face lift scars, facial reconstruction surgery scars, skin damage and helps to conceal both fine and deep skin wrinkling. Easy to apply, save time, fast and easy.
 Two plastic roller brushes that roll, with a sponge attached to the front top of it,  one larger roller, one smaller roller, and a matching small tray with dish and ridges inside to apply liquid makeup. To apply cosmetics, liquid or powder.

My invention solves the problem of applying liquid makeup or powder evenly with out any streaks and ensuring that its applied evenly by rolling on the perfect amount. By rolling the makeup in the tray onto the sponge, the user will get a complete even look using any liquid or powder cosmetics on there face.
 My makeup/cosmetic roller is the only item of its kind that prevents makeup from streaking. Covers all blemishes, and discolorations on your skin. Works excellent to cover acne and scarring. This is a unique product that solves streaking problems. There is no other product like this or similar on the market. This was created and designed by me and there is no other product like it that will leave your cosmetics streak free while applying. There is no product in the cosmetic industry similar to this unique invention.
Consists of one larger cosmetic plastic roller with rolling sponge material, one smaller cosmetic plastic roller with rolling sponge material, and a small plastic tray with ridges inside tray and container to hold liquid or powder. This is a plastic cosmetic roller with a sponge attached to the top that rolls as you can apply liquid or powder. This is a rolling unit that is for applying makeup/cosmetics. There is a matching small tray included that works in conjunction with the rollers there are 2 rollers, the tray is plastic with ridges in it and a holder/container for liquid or powder cosmetics.
This is a specific type of cosmetics roller and tray used primarily for  applying makeup without streaking. It works as easy as painting something and all that is need to do is pour the makeup in the tray holder container and use the rolling brush to dip it in, then roll on ridged bumps of tray to wipe off extra liquid or powder and apply cosmetics to face.
This wonderful product is made with plastic, a small easy to handle rolling stick that has the ability to roll with a sponge attached to it, in a very small size for applying makeup/cosmetics. This tray is also made out. of plastic and has ridges in the tray and a compartment to pour makeup/cosmetics.
The sponge is needed to attach to the roller, so that the sponge can pick up makeup/cosmetics to apply to face. The tray is needed to pour cosmetics and the ridges are used to take off excess liquid or powder. You can reorder sponges, they are sold separately. The sponges last about 6 months to a year depending on your usage.



 "My skin is terrible. I have tried so many different applicators but the results were uneven and streaky and never really covered up the pits and huge pores. I am so happy I found Miracle Makeup Applicators by Tiffany Cosmetics. Perfect results everytime."

-- Laura Brooks, US

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